Biowaste Management
About the Programme

This module provides training and awareness on managing biowaste.

Biowaste can be defined as: biodegradable garden and park waste, food and kitchen waste from households, restaurants, caterers and retail premises and comparable waste from food processing plants.

Programme Duration

This is a one-day training programme. Trainees are required to record their attendance on the module sign-in sheet.

Intended For:

The programme is aimed at individuals and managers at all levels involved in the operation or management of organisations that have environmental impacts. The programme is suitable for both public and private sector participants.

No minimum entry criteria apply.

Contents of the Training Course
  1. Biowaste arisings, composition and trends
  2. National Strategy on Biodegradable Waste Management
  3. Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations
  4. Steps, criteria and collection options for biowaste management system
  5. Selection criteria for siting a facility & planning operations
  6. Windrow composting and other biological waste treatment technologies
  7. Animal By-products Regulations and requirements for composting facilities treating animal by-products
  8. Compost standards, markets and market development
  9. MBT (Mechanical Biological Treatment)
  10. Anaerobic Digestion (AD) & Bio Gas Technology
  11. Home composting systems

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